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At New Bothwell Country Style Meats we specialize in custom cutting and wrapping of local animals such as beef, pork, lamb, and deer. Our goal is always the satisfaction of our customer in the quality of our products and services. 

All our sausages, ham and bacon are naturally smoked, giving it fantastic old fashioned flavor for your taste buds. Most of our products are also nitrate and gluten free, giving you a healthier alternative to put in your plate.



We offer a variety of different options to stock your freezer. Aside from ordering a side of beef or pork and having it cut according to your instructions, we also offer custom packages that come in different sizes and include a variety of meats. Options include Beef Only and Pork Only packages as well as a few different combinations of Beef and Pork. These packages are perfect when you're needing to stock up on BBQ meats. Click to download the form to view the options or to order.



Our specialty is custom cutting and wrapping to the satisfaction of our customers.

Option 1: You bring in your own animal carcasses along with your cutting instructions.  

Option 2: Purchase the animal from us. Cut according to your instructions and vacuum sealed for long lasting freshness. Options could include a whole hog (2 sides), single side of pork, whole (2 sides), single side, or quarter (front or hind) of beef. 

Click the links below to view the cutting instructions form. 

Price List

We offer a wide selection of quality meat products for purchase in store. Our goal is to provide the surrounding communities with a convenient and affordable source for healthy meal choices.This is why most of our processed meats are gluten and nitrite free and smoked with a natural wood smoke. 

Along with our in-house meat products we also carry a variety of products making your visit worthwhile.

Available for purchase:

Winnipeg Old Country Sausage Ltd.

Rede-Made Noodles

Heritage Lane Farms Chicken

Walleye Fish 

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